The nose filters impurities and particles in the air


A well-run system 

The nose is a system for washing out impurities and a filter of particles in the air.¹

Our nostrils have many hairs which help prevent harmful substances from entering the nasal passages and delicate lung tissue.²

The impurities get trapped in the sticky nasal mucus inside our noses. The cilia (tiny hair-like structure on the inside of your nose) clears the particles away towards the back of the throat. The particles end up swallowed or coughed out.²

The nose also defends the lower airways from the harmful effects of the breathed-in air by acting as an air conditioner. The nose warms, filters, and humidifies the air so that clean, moist air at a comfortable temperature of 37°C gets right to the lungs.³

What happens when the system fails

High levels of air impurities can overload the nose,¹ ⁴ which may result in impaired clearance of inhaled particles.⁵ Failure to clear particles from the nose can lead to wider effects on the respiratory system and overall health.⁶ 

Here’s the good news 

Otrivin Breathe Clean Daily Nasal Cleanser can help you to breathe cleaner everyday. Otrivin Breathe Clean is a 100% natural saline solution, which cleanses, moisturises and soothes the nose, allowing it to function as a natural filter.⁷ Otrivin Breathe Clean can wash away airborne impurities and helps remove mucus, crust and debris.* ¹ ⁴


Clean, moisturise & soothe your nose

* Based on generic nasal saline sprays.

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